Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Keeping up with the times

Well, with my new busy life I've decided to move my blog to Blogger so I can update it via my cell phone! I'm hoping this will make it easier for me to keep you all up to date on our lives...especially miss Lili!
Speaking of the lovely Liliana...
She is growing so fast and growing her vocabulary in huge ways! She now speaks in some full sentences and tries hard to duplicate anything we say! (For those who know me well you know how frightening this could be! LOL) "Shucks" is a favorite word...particularly when something doesn't go her way...can you guess how that came about? HA! The good news is that it really makes me think about what I say and I am just thankful that my backpeddling has worked so far!
When Lili started daycare we began using time-out here at home as that is the form of punishment they use there. It's actually close to comical...I'll ask her "Lili do you need to go to time out?" She'll respond "Yeah," and proceed to go to the TV room, get her desk chair, move it to the corner and sit in time out. I'll time her and when she is done she comes over, gives me a hug, and I talk to her a little bit about why she was in time out and what she can do differently next time. I always end with an "I love you!" Interestingly I've learned that time-out sometimes is no more or less than a way for her to just chill out. After she put herself in time-out one time, I filed the experience away in my brain and the next time she was just being cranky and uncooperative, I asked her, gently & with compassion, if she needed a time-out. And just like any other time she said "yeah" and proceeded to her corner. In these cases I let her know that it is her choice to go to time out but the rules of time-out stay the same (no toys, same time limit, etc). Usually she will emerge more relaxed & ready for her hug.
Lili is officially potty training now also! She is wearing pull-ups during the day at day-care or when we are running around town, though at home I usually let her go diaper-free when she is awake. She is doing very good and only occasionally has misses.  We recently bought a couple potties that look like frogs which she just absolutely loves! Often when she needs to go potty she'll say "frof! frof!" (she hasn't quite mastered the art of the letter 'G').
Well, there is so much I could tell but right now I need to sleep!

Wishing you all Peace, Love & Joy!


  1. Oh, potty training...have fun! It's really not that bad, if you have patience.
    And it's true about timeouts, they really do just help the child (and mom) calm down for a minute.

  2. Hi Sara - Thanks for the update. Let us know when you'll be in KC. Sometimes I wish I could put myself in time out and could put myself down for a nap and that gaining weight was a good thing and that bills was the stuff belonging to that boy in class named Bill!