Friday, March 5, 2010

Big Girl Bed

Well, we were going to transform Lili's crib into a toddler bed today, but Lili's had a rough day. She got 5 immunization shots this morning and she's been crabby ever since...not that I can blame her! When we got home I asked her if she wanted to make her crib into a big girl bed. She said, very decisively, "No!" A bit later I asked if she would like to be able to get in and out of her bed by herself. Again a very clear "No!". So my choice was to wait another day. Afterall, if I were to ask her if she wanted to do something and she said no and I did it matter whether she knew what I was talking about or surely would be a sign of disrespect, in my mind at least. So...Tomorrow! Tomorrow! We'll put her bed together tomorrow! It's only a day away!

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